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      Welcome to The People’s University

As a teacher, we have a unique vision for your career in education and would like you to stop and reflect on your growth for a moment. Would you like to grow the reach of your institution internationally? Just consider the possibilities when your Math class becomes Africa’s Math class? Can you imagine Angolans, Mozambicans, Ethiopians and Chinese all attending the same Math class in South Africa without ever leaving their countries? And passing with flying colours? Can you see how much wealthier your school will be if you export the most precious commodity your institution has to offer viz knowledge?

Can you imagine attending school in the UK while you live in South Africa without ever leaving your home? Can you imagine how much it would mean for Ebola- hit countries to have classes without taking the risk of leaving their homes? You could help stop an epidemic in its tracks. Would you like to do an online degree? Can you imagine the freedom a career in distance learning will give you and how much greater the impact of your lesson will be when you increase the size and the reach of your base?

Just consider the awesome possibilities of Skype and how many millions of people desperate for an education would be able to realise their dreams if you took that first step. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your job. You’ll simply Skype your existing lessons to others, impact on more students and earn more money. So make the change  – take the first step and become a member of The People’s University – a university for the people by the people.

Our ethos are rooted in a people’s culture based on democracy grounded in the principle of Batho pele – the people first- and education for all. Our mission is to build bridges between institutions of learning; between individuals or between individuals and institutions with the aim of maximizing education. By promoting co-operation between institutions we bolster each other’s performance, back each other up and so build nations to be proud of. So dare to be different -become a member by filling in the form below: By doing so you automatically sign up for your own website or blog (if you want that). You automatically agree to teach via Skype and earn an income at competitive rates. You agree to be promoted by us under our brand. You agree to the ethos of education for all. Make the change -now!

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